Friday, July 02, 2004

Your and My Secret by Ai Morishige 

Martialstax has a mini-review up of Your and My Secret, which I think is a title I'm going to start buying very soon. I flipped through it in the bookstore a week or so ago and thought it was a great concept. This review only confirms my thoughts...

To give a very quick overview, it involves a fairly effeminate guy and a girl who is just the opposite (and who he has a crush on) who end up switching bodies. She ends up loving the freedom that a guy's body provides her, but he isn't into being a girl quite so much.

Sounds like an interesting mix of fun and sexuality and relationships as the hormones of the new bodies kick in and a lot of mixed feelings start working in.

Hmm... yet another thing to spend $$$ on. :)

Edit: Omoikitte also has a review up on Broken Frontier. :)

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