Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Cutting the cable... 

Well, in an effort to save some more money, we decided to go and get rid of cable entirely. Dropping down to basic was a consideration.. that's just $10 a month, but I was really curious how it'd be with no TV at all. The two big TVs have no antennas at the moment, so a little b&w in the kitchen is the only one that can even get the local news at the moment.

I think it'll work out pretty good in the end. There's certainly plenty of backlog as far as dvds, books, comics, etc. go and it is really easy to get involved in stuff on TV, finding time sucked away (though the internet is worse..heh).

This likely won't be permanant, and it'll be nice to get back Sundance/IFC/TCM and On-Demand at that point, but I do think it is a good experiment to try out for now. :)

As an interesting off-set, we just burned through three coupons for Hollywood video which let us rent 9 movies for $9 in total. Reviews coming up on some of those soon...

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