Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Me, a filmmaker? 

Well, thursday is when I finally go to the World Yo-yo Contest for the first time. This would be exciting by itself... my second time traveling anywhere by plane, first time in Florida (Orlando), and three days of hanging out with friends from a bunch of different countries.

However, one of my friends at work offered to let me bring his digital camcorder! This opens up quite a lot of possibilities... I have a bad memory in general, and am not the best with approaching people, so having a camera could be really cool. Now, plenty of other people will be there filming, so it won't be something all that unique in that respect.

However, I'd like to do what I've seen in some other videos, which is document more than just the freestyles and peoples' individual tricks. If I can manage to tape getting ready at home, stuff at the airport (I'm sure we'll all be yoing to pass the time if they let us), people just hanging out, etc. I think that'd be really cool. :)

Of course then I'd have to try to edit it all together, which is scary..heh. But maybe I could even use the Avid here at work to edit it, which would be really cool. I guess I'll have to see how that all works out.

I might also experiment with putting a couple of the freestyles up via Bittorrent just to see how that goes. I know there are various free trackers out there, so I should be able to throw something out there and save GReg (who hosts my site) some bandwidth... ;)

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