Monday, October 18, 2004

500 Amazing Spidey comics for $50? 

Wow, even I am tempted by
this 11-cd cet. As with the other posters, I'm worried about what format the images will be in, as well as the default image viewer.

As far as quality goes, math may give us an idea: Say they are 700 meg cds. 700 x 11 = 7700 megs. Divide that by 500 and you get a bit over 15 megs per comic. You divide that by 32 pages and you get an average of 500k per page.

Of course there could be other content that whittles that down, but it still sounds like it could be good quality as long as it has decent compression.

I had got a Spirit cd-rom some years ago and was pretty disappointed overall, but this sounds like a pretty serious attempt. It also fits in better with the recent move by more and more people away from pure collectability and into just wanting to read a story. All that old content combined with the ads and letter pages makes it even more interesting for someone like me who is into pop-culture history.

If it is successful, let's hope they try it with some other series...

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