Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Muse's Time of the Month... 

I have to say that Ed's latest column (the first of them that I've read) was really nice to see. Advertising is always tricky, and the ad that Muse put together is great in so many ways.

Many of the aspects seem kind of self-evident when it is pointed out, but are easy to not think of. That Moore illustration and the store's logo and everything just seem a world away from what you might expect (a big swinging spidey.. etc). The only part that seems slightly icky (or at least not fitting wth the rest) is the font used for the "free" stuff, but it sounds like the owner didn't like it either and stayed because of time constraints.

Obviously not everyone can have the same results (getting a bunch of people who haven't read comics before and end up bying things), but this certainly seems a better attempt than many I've seen myself. I think the big lesson to take away is that you don't have to do a huge campaign. The big thing is to know what audience you are targetting. They went for a student crowd and were really careful to do something that looked interesting and wouldn't alienate either guys or gals. If your selection is trying to cater to people other than the usual suspects, the advertising really has to reflect that difference...

Nice going Muse... :)

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