Monday, October 18, 2004

On the Star Trek manga... 

So, we have more info. on the Star Trek manga, along with a couple of sketches. My thoughts echo some of the posters there as well as here. Basically I'm cautiously optimistic. I'm kind of so-so on the particular sketchs shown, but those Return of the Jedi panels that Horomoto drew are pretty nice. I'll have to think of picking up those Star Trek adaptations at some point. I remember flipping through them like a year ago and being impressed.

As for the creators, it does seem a bit odd like some pointed out that they'd go so far as having various Japanese artists, but have everything scripted by American authors. It isn't like they don't know Star Trek in Japan, and even Animatrix did a split approach. And I haven't read any of the novels, but everyone seems to agree that Peter David is one of the few good authors. Where is he in here? At least Jake Forbes of Sgt. Frog poetry fame is in there. Too bad his idea for a romantic comedy story got shot down by Universal..heh

I'm curious about the other artists that'll come on board. Someone mentioned they'd like to see Amato. I just crack up at the thought of that. Amato doing Star Trek would be crazy! :) Has he done any Star Wars work? That guy has a pretty amazing style (I love those Vampire Hunter D paintings and his Sandman stuff).

In closing, I can't help but poke a little fun at one of the RotJ pages. Especially that lower-left panel:

"Vador, I challenge you to a game... a Shadow Game!" :)

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