Monday, October 18, 2004

Worlds Finest Trailer 

Things on the family front seem to be working out now (and better than hoped), so here is something completely different...

Suzanne Lanoue posted a link to the SFTV mailing list mentioning a new fan-made trailer for a fictional World's Finest movie. I haven't had a chance to watch too many fan-videos since Troopers days, so this was cool to see. I have to say that it is really really well done.

Just from a standpoint of a trailer, it is paced well and shows a lot of teases without feeling like it gives away everything . The actors seem good, especially the guy playing Clarke, who really seems to pull off Superman. The special effects look good and there are some big sets with lots of people. It really looks like there could be a full movie that scenes are being taken from. I'm not up on DC lore or the World's Finest storyline, so I dunno who the kryoptite-chested baddie is, but looks sufficiantly evil..heh

Seriously, a studio should hire Sandy Collora to make a superhero movie. It seems like he'd certainly do a better job than most of people out there.

P.S. Sandy also made a short film called Batman: Dead End, which I haven't had a chance to watch yet, but is supposed to be really good.

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