Monday, November 29, 2004

Comic Book Encyclopedia... 

Well, at first this sounded pretty promising, but then one of the posters links to this entry on Neil Gaiman's blog and it sounds like the book is a bit disappointing. That it has a lot of typos and factual errors, along with too much focus on golden age characters. I might still flip through this at some point, since my knowledge of a lot of the industry is pretth sketchy at best, but I share Neil's disappointment that there isn't something out there that is totally reliable and what you think of when you think "encyclopedia".

Speaking of which, I wish the Anime Encyclopedia would get updated. I have some issues with basic features of the book (lots of opinionated reviews, which tend toward bashing newer series, and a lot of series ending spoilers that aren't marked in any particular way), but I think I could deal with that if the factual information got updated and corrected. There was a thread back when it first came out, with a pretty long list of corrections needed, though obviously it is hard to get everything right in something that big. I think a second edition that fixed all of that and updated with titles up to 2004 would go a long way toward making it a more solid reference work.

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