Saturday, November 13, 2004

Disney back on for Miyazaki movies.. with a change.. 

Well, I'm really glad to see that Disney is back on for releasing three Miyazaki movies on February 22nd. However, I really wish they'd just stop second-guessing themselves with the constant delays and undelays and everything. I having to be in the "I'll believe it when I see it" mode of thinking..

Anyway, the interesting change is that The Cat Returns has been swapped in for Totoro. Perhaps their reasoning was that since Fox released a bare-bones version of Totoro a while back, they'd make more money with a different title. I'd really been hoping to finally see Totoro, though, and I also question the choice. Cat Returns is a sequel to another movie (one of my favorite anime movies.. Whisper of the Heart), and while I doubt it depends all that much on having seen the first movie, you'd think they'd just release Whisper first... Oh well, hopefully they'll get their act together and get all the Ghibli movies out eventually...

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