Monday, November 15, 2004

Disney publishes 50% of comics in the world?? 

So, I was reading this article on the aquisition of CrossGen's assets by Disney, which seems like it could work out well. However, I was pretty surprised by this:

“Disney, worldwide, accounts for 50% of all comics published, which is an enormous number, but our presence in the US isn’t as visible, mostly because our comic books go through other distributors,” Brenda Bowen, VP and Editor in Chief of Hyperion Books for Children told Newsarama. We’ve been starting to think that since we’re the biggest comic book company in the world, maybe we should be looking at more domestic comics, and see what we can get from them, and see how we can use them in our different formats here.”

Does anyone have any more information on this statement? I'm sure that Disney's comics do really well in many countries, especially in europe, but it still seems to me like there must be some sort of unspoken qualifier to it. I just find it hard to believe that with manga's reach in its own country and internationally that it is taking up less than the comics world in relation to Disney's comics. Are they maybe just counting what we consider "comic books" (i.e. the thin monthlies) and not the thicker magazine anthology format that most manga uses? Then again, I thought a lot of Disney's big sellers in europe were anthology magazines?

Maybe they really are just that big, but color me pretty skeptical at this point...

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