Saturday, November 13, 2004

Updated blogroll... 

Well, I finally got around to updating the links in my sidebar a bit. It still needs work and I'm sure I left out some people, but it is a start at least. To show you just how out of date it was, Franklin wasn't even on it and I've been reading his blog for ages. Of course none of the "newer" ones like Johanna's were on there... I have to say it was a little depressing that my top three links had to be removed since they don't exist anymore. :(

Anyway, they aren't really in much of an order at the moment, so don't feel bad if you're at the bottom. I'll probably do alphabetical at some point. I may also switch it so that they're sorted with topic as the main category instead of blog versus forum.

Cheers... and thanks to everyone that hasn't given up blogging as of yet. You're all an inspiration for me to try to keep this thing going and a great source of news for someone that doesn't have time to be on all the forums and news sites anymore. :)

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