Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Animerica Extra cancelled, but new shoujo anthology may take its place 

So, word is out that the long-running manga anthology Animerica Extra has been cancelled. While I never subscribed to it myself, this offshoot of Animerica magazine has been going for quite a few years and recently re-made itself to be an all-shoujo anthology.

At first glance, its cancellation would seem like very bad news, but it seems like there is a lot of signs pointing in the direction of Viz having some sort of new shoujo anthology in the works. Personally, I thought keeping the thing called Animerica Extra wasn't a good idea when it switched to all-shoujo. I mean it had a reputation, but not necessarily for shoujo and frankly anyone seeing it for the first time on a shelf wasn't going to think shoujo or even manga from the name. Plus, it was also a bit on the thin side, especially compared to Shonen Jump. I'm not sure if they could pull off a shoujo anthology at the same size as Shonen, but something inbetween the two I think would have good possibilities.

But between a recent Viz poll on having a new shoujo anthology, "this isn't really the end, keep your eyes open" on the farewell page of Extra, and a radio snipped that said "Shonen Jump is Stage One.", I'd say things are looking pretty promising for the future. I'd certainly consider subscribing to a shoujo anthology that was more like Shounen Jump (minus the editing controversies of late).

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