Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Evangelion Box Set for $40?!! 

Wow! I just noticed on AoDVD's shop page that Rightstuf is having some special deals up until Christmas. One deal revealed per day, but the coupon working on any of them until the 24th (Code: 12days). The first one revealed was the Evangelion Set for just $40!

There are remastered Evangelion discs coming out right now, so they probably want to get rid of old stock, but this set's retail price was $170. I'd gotten a big deal on it when I bought it, for something like $80. Eight discs at $40 just $5 a disc....

So, if you've been curious what the hype is about, this is certainly the time to give it a shot. Even if you hate it, you could probably make it back on Ebay even with the new releases coming out.. Man, this is quite the time to be into anime...

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