Wednesday, February 23, 2005

CMX hard to reach? 

While hopping around reading various threads, I stumbled on a comment from Althalus which among other things, mentions DC's lack of a feedback mechanism for CMX:

But I was very much taken aback by DC's practically non-existant customer service. There is no email contact specifically for CMX questions, in fact there's only this ridiculous "ask the editors"-column for any questions. They do have a forum, but in all the time since they opened it, not one single company rep (or even moderator) has graced it with his or her presence.

I wonder, are the expectations different in the manga and us comics communities? I know that I've seen US reps posting on various threads before, but is it as extensive as the anime and manga reps on a place like AoDVD? Is there any general things we can say, or is this all company by company on both sides?

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