Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Nausicaa, Porco Rosso, and Cat Returns DVDs out today! 

I know I've been kind of absent lately. Lots of things swirling around has made it hard to focus enough to blog on any one thing. However, in trying to catch up a little this morning, AoDVD's homepage reminded me of something very imporant. Buena Vista's next batch of Ghibli DVDs are out today!

Though out of the three, I've only seen Nausicaa before, all of these have very good reputations. If you're someone who is mainly in the manga realm, Ghibli is a good place to start when going to check out some anime.

Those that know me, know that Nausicaa is one of my favorite comics of all time, and while the anime is more limited in scope, it is still a great achievement. I also have a particular soft spot for it, in that I had Warriors of the Wind on tape as a child. While this was a very cut up version of the Nausicaa movie, it still made an impact on me as a child, and I'm sure is one of the contributing factors of making me a fan as an adult (along with such things as the Unico movies, Voltron, Robotech, and some of the slightly more adult american animation such as Starchaser: the Legend of Orin). A review of the new Nausicaa DVD can be found here, and seems to be in line with Buena Vista's other Ghibli releases.

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