Saturday, March 05, 2005

Tenjho Tenge update and guerilla fighting techniques 

Wow, I'm pleasantly surprised by how much coverage this controversy is gettting. Lots of blogs of course, but now the news sites are starting to take notice. Newsarama has an article up and I'm especially happy to see ICv2 cover the issue. I wish they'd have mentioned that many feel the content isn't appropriate for 13+ even with the edits, but it is still a well-done summary of what is going on.

Striking is that Newarama and ICv2 both got a "no comment" from DC when asked. Seriously, are they not going to say anything at all? ICv2 is a pretty major pop culture site and it doesn't look good for them to keep ignoring the issue.

Fight: DC CMX has updated the list of edits with several more edits that were found and more importantly has created a campaign page. Besides listing mailing and e-mail addresses, there's the great idea of putting some guerilla style fighting to work. You can download a 4x5 pdf which you can print out and stick into copies of the book on shelves in stores to let people know it is edited. Some people have already started to do this, and it is a neat idea of getting the word out to the general public without doing any damage to the books.

Also, someone on the Newsarama thread mentioned that everyone should mention the edits on the online stores that support user reviews. I think that's a great idea, and two sites which allow comments are Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Anyone know of other sites that do this? I just posted a review to B&N which hopefully will show up in a day or two.

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