Friday, March 18, 2005

Two things you must download! 

After watching some streamed demos lately, I decided to look around online, to see what was out there to run on my machine. For those that don't know, the demoscene involves creating a program which acts like a music video to demonstrate the skills of the programmers and musicians involved. This has a long history stretching back into Amiga days, but hasn't died out...

First is fr-025 (aka The Popular Demo) from the group farb-rausch. It is basically scenes of a living disco-ball type creature who tends to light up what he walks on like Michael Jackson. Good music and spectacular graphics. The readme says you need at least DirectX 9.0a installed, but there's also a lot of options for resolution, windowed or not, anti-aliasing, etc. I have a pretty new graphics card (Radeon 9800Pro) so I could do full quality on 1280x1024, but YMMV. Best of all, it is only 8megs in size. You can get it here

Next up is zoom3 (trance generation) from the Russion group Intercon. What is amazing about this one is that it is only 64k! (there are competitions for the best in a small size). Yet it is almost 10 minutes long with really interesting graphics, music, and even computer-generated speech. It requires a video card with pixel&vertex shaders, so you'll need some sort of GeForce or Radeon card, but it also has settings for resolution and quality. There's no excuse not to get this, even if you're on dialup. :) Thanks to Thomas for pointing this one out to me... incredible programming! Grab it here.

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