Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Diamond takes advantage of CMX's TenTen faux pas 

In a pretty amusing development, Diamond has put a solicitation in their imports section for the original Japanese version of Tenjho Tenge. Apparently at the top in bold letters, it says: "Fully Un-Edited, Un-Cut Japanese Edition". So, it seems like even Diamond itself is aware of the controversy and is trying to spin it to its own advantage at DC's expense!

Also, be sure to check out the latest Flipped column, where David Welsh compares the major manga publishers to personalities in a high school, and shares my frustration at DC's line not living up to its potential.

Del Ray now has a million volumes sold for only six different series. I remember when they first came on the scene, they had a big cardboard stand in Media Play to showcase their books. It even had a tear-off calendar listing upcoming releases. Not to mention a couple of high-profile titles like those from CLAMP. Swan looks to be a title I'd like a lot, but it is old and probably isn't an amazing seller. Gals! has a decent following, but not a blockbuster title. TenTen was the highest profile title, and they managed to mess up the release. Unless they can get a couple more anchor titles in the future to prop up the line, it will be pretty hard for them to distinguish themselves, as David says, the one whose name you have trouble remembering in the yearbook...

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