Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A taste of the World Yo-yo Contest 

As I mentioned in my post about the new house, I also went down to Orlando, Florida for the World Yo-yo Contest. Lots of people put videos online from the event, notably Boxthor who had freestyles and clip videos up on Bittorrent very quickly.

The latest video, though, is an epic 24min view of Worlds created by Andrew Lin from Singapore. Though he points out that it isn't a documentary, it is still a nice overview of a lot that went down, including such things as the Iron Modding Contest and Wheel of Penalty. Not to mention a feel for some of the crazy characters in the community. ;) Way too much happened to be contained in any one video, but this a good start.

It is a bit over 200megs and is mpeg-1, so just about anyone on broadband should be able to grab and watch it. Just be sure to right-click on the link and do Save As, since it'll probably work better than trying to stream it.

Download from rednuht.org
Download from atomictoyguy.com

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